A picture is worth a thousand words ...

written by

Joy Stephens

posted on

November 11, 2022

Fall at 6S ...

I'm not sure fall could have been any more beautiful this year. Each and every day I was awed by the wonder of it all as I went about my daily tasks and I found myself continually trying to take pictures to capture its essence, but alas while a picture is worth a thousand words, it simply cannot impart the scent of fall in the air, the pleasure of a cool fall breeze on your face, or the sound of crispy golden leaves crunching under your feet. 

Regardless of those facts, below are my best efforts to convey to you just how stunning it all was ...

Fall jobs at 6S ...

While the brisk days and crisp nights of fall hint at the coming of cozier days inside by the fire, the turn of this season pitches us directly into the height of our busiest time of the year! No rest for the weary until the mad dash of fall is complete!  

Some of the jobs on the to-do list for this season are:

- getting all the grass fed beeves in for harvest,

- hauling all of our cows and calves home from summer grazing pastures,

- getting the hay hauled in and set out in bale grazing paddocks,

- preparing and settling all the groups of pigs into their winter paddocks,

 - setting up all of the winter watering systems,

- bringing the chickens and geese off pasture and back down to the farmyard,

- and weaning and sorting groups of piglets,

 those are the big jobs but the list goes on and on.

And long before we are ready for it winter sets in ...

The animals don't seem to mind though, they just go on about life as though they have attentive farmers to care for their every need. 😏

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