Heavenly Soup Stories (Warning - Bathroom Humour Inside ....)🤣

January 10, 2023

Hey there Farm Fans!

I don't know about your household but we're regular mutts in this family. What I mean by that is that there's a sprinkling of a whole lot of countries and cultures in our ancestry. Ukranian, Dutch, English, Norwegian, German, Canadian and who knows what else runs through our bloodlines? I'm not really into tracing all of those rabbit trails at this point in my life but I love cooking dishes that feel old world and region specific. 

So being that we are right smack dab in the middle of winter and soups are a cold weather essential, I thought I'd share a couple of our favourite traditional soup recipes that we put together fairly regularly throughout the winter.

So come on in, take a minute to warm yourself by our fire, then join us in the farmhouse kitchen ...

From the 6S Farmhouse Kitchen:

Dutch Meatball Soup. 

It's seriously easy.  Too easy in fact. Every time I pull out the recipe I feel like it needs more. Like I should add to it or doctor it or change it up in some way and yet ... why fix what's not broken?

This soup is a simple, delicious, quick and easy, no fuss kinda meal and, well, we all need some of those in our lives right?

When I was in college I had Sunday lunch at a friend's house after church. Her parents were first generation immigrants from Holland and I'm pretty sure Dutch Meatball Soup was a staple Sunday meal in their home. When we sat down at the table her father gave thanks and then started dishing everyone up. While he was busy passing out bowls he took the time to extol the virtues of Dutch Meatball Soup and finished off by insisting that it was so good that it tasted "just like an angel pissed on your tongue!"  Well, ​I nearly snorted those mini meatballs right outta my nose and unsurprisingly that phrase has stuck with me for my whole life and I think of it and repeat it often.

Hyperbole? Honestly, I have no idea! Has an angel ever pissed on anyone's tongue? Why would an angel piss on anyone's tongue? Do angels even piss? Oh good grief - don't let that keep you awake at night - those are after all, unanswerable questions this side of eternity and that's WAY too many uses of the word piss for one day! 🤣

If you're done snorting mini meatballs out of your nose we'll carry on ...

Before I met Rick borscht was not in my vocabulary. Growing up, my family did not make borscht so it was not something I was familiar with and as a result whenever I came across this purple-y red traditional soup I turned up my nose. Borscht just wasn't doing it for me.

But then ... Rick's Mom made it for us once while we were visiting. I certainly couldn't be rude and insult my new in-laws by not eating his Mom's cooking so I graciously, if a bit hesitantly, accepted my bowl and resolved to get through the experience.

I took a bite ... and stopped in my tracks ... errr seat. What was this mysterious and delectable substance that up until now I had avoided? 

I swear I heard a whole angelic symphony orchestra playing Beethoven's Ode to Joy in that moment.

Hyperbole? Perhaps. But the word 'good' simply fails to convey the wholesome scrumptiousness of this delicious meal. If you have not yet, you must try it! 

​There are so many different ways to make this soup (and so many ways to spell its name 'borsch, borsht, borscht) but over the years Rick and I have dabbled with his family's original recipe to come up with this 6S Family favourite. 

If you've never made borscht with beef before, then you'll definitely enjoy trying out this recipe. Adding the meaty chunks of browned stew beef to this soup gives it a depth of flavour that just can't be had with veggies alone!

Something about a simmering pot of borscht completely captures the warmth and essence of summer and transforms it into a cozy winter meal.

(Be sure to add some extra ambience by playing Ode to Joy in the background as you dine.)

Check out our tried and true family favourite recipes by clicking this link: https://6sfamilyfarm.grazecart.com/recipes

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