Egg-stra Egg-stra! Read all about it!

August 20, 2022

I know you love our 6S Farm Run Eggs!!!

(This I know because they're hard to keep in inventory and I have multiple requests for more each month! 😀)

Many thanks to the happy, pasture raised, 6S Hens who lay the most nutritious and delicious of all eggs!

So today I was sorting and cleaning eggs (this is not unusual, I sort and wash eggs EVERY day! 😆 It's great no-brainer work so it gives me time to think) and today I was thinking about all the wonderful things there are about eggs.

A few years back Sophie was babysitting the daughters of some friends of ours. The two little girls followed her all over the farm while she was doing her jobs and they thoroughly enjoyed every moment of exploring and helping out. When they came in the house with a full egg basket at the end of chores one of the girls was holding an egg in each hand, her blonde pony tail bounced as she walked and her blue eyes were shining with excitement. She proudly announced to all of us

"I LOVE holding eggs! They're so smooth." 

It was such a cute moment that I've never forgotten it and her comment has stayed with me ever since. That's when I started actually noticing eggs. Prior to that, sorting and cleaning eggs was just one of those jobs I had to get done before moving on to the next task. Now I take the time to really see and enjoy the eggs as I work.

Eggs really are fabulously smooth and they are very satisfying to hold in your hands. Almost like a stress ball, just think caress NOT squeeze! lol Go on, caress your eggs next time before you smash them into omelet exquisiteness!

They're also incredibly unique. I can't say for sure (as I haven't researched this and I'm not sure anyone ever has! ) but I think they're kind of like a human fingerprint in that each one is a complete individual. When you handle them every day you realize how very different something can be that is at the same time so similar to its counterparts.

I love all the colours, the variations, the speckling, the sizes.  Eggs truly are things of beauty!

Here are a few things to know about 6S Farm Run Eggs.

1. Why do we call them 'Farm Run' eggs?  Well, rather than getting bogged down in commercial egg industry labelling and criteria where eggs are graded by size, color, shape, etc., here on the farm we just take 'em as the hens lay 'em. Big, small, bumpy, spotted, brown, white, and every shade in between ... makes no difference to us. We are equal opportunity egg farmers! Hence the 'farm run' classification ... which is actually a total absence of classification! ðŸĪŠ

2. Are 6S Farm Run Eggs washed?  Short answer ... minimally. Here at 6S, we have invested in fancy shmancy, roll away nest boxes so that once the hens lay their eggs they roll away into a little holding compartment. This keeps the eggs very very clean and we can take most of them straight from egg basket to carton to refrigeration. About 10% require some minimal washing however as, like the character Sipsey says in the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes", they "shoot right outta a chickens a**".  Sometimes collateral damage is inevitable. ðŸĨšðŸ’ĐðŸ˜Ģ

3. What makes 6S Pasture Raised Hen's Eggs different?  I'm so glad you asked! The hens at 6S are way better off than free-run hens, leagues above cage-free hens, and not even inhabiting the same universe as caged hens! All of these industry labels are just smoke and mirrors that mislead consumers into feeling better about their shopping habits. The hens at 6S are TRULY free range. They spend every waking hour outside on pasture from the time the sun even thinks about peaking over the horizon until the last rays of twilight fade into nightfall. They scratch in the soil and eat grass and clover and bugs like chickens were meant to. They come and go from their nest boxes as they please. They are happy happy happy! As a result, they lay some of the most nutrient dense food you can possibly find.

6S Truly Free Range Eggs are literally golden butt nuggets of nutrition!

4. Can I return my cartons? Please do! Returning your clean cartons for re-use helps us to keep our costs down. *Please note however, that the cartons must be clean for re-use. If they're not pristinely clean then please find another use for them. Fire starter, compost, seed trays ... just google 'uses for egg cartons' and you will find no end of ideas! Taking time to inspect each carton is tedious and slows down progress significantly. If you can check them over initially before returning and save me a few minutes that makes you a real peach in my books! 

Check out this pile from yesterday that didn't make the cut .... ðŸ˜ģ

Remember 6S Truly Free Range Eggs are only available from

6S Family Farm


ReJar in Smithers

So there you go. That's everything you ever wanted to know about eggs in a nutshell ... errr ... eggshell!

Joy Stephens

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