Graduation in the midst of COVID ...

written by

Joy Stephens

posted on

June 30, 2020

So it's been a strange spring in so many ways and this year's graduation ceremonies definitely reflected that in the many restrictions that schools had to follow during their celebrations but we're happy to say that Sophie has officially graduated High School!  The school was able to host a small ceremony (one benefit of a very small graduating class) with the grads and a couple of their family members (so sad our whole family couldn't attend - sniff), but we had a small celebration here at the farm afterwards to celebrate her and her achievement and feel that we were able to make the whole event special in spite of the crazy covid situation our world is in. :)Sophie asked Travis to escort her to the ceremony (she was 5 when we brought her brand new baby brother home from the hospital and since that day she's been his self proclaimed second mother, fierce protector, and best buddy) so it was only fitting.Grady was able to come home from Saskatchewan for a few days and so I got to have my most special people all in one spot again for a few short days.  Aaaahhhh, that's about the best heart medicine there is!  Don't they clean up nice? :)


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