Hey there from Grady who's out in the wide open spaces of Saskatchewan

written by

Joy Stephens

posted on

May 31, 2020

'Hey There' from the wide open spaces and big sky country of Saskatchewan!

Some of you know that our oldest son Grady took a sabbatical from his Carpentry Apprenticeship to spread his wings a little in a whole new way.  He was chosen for a 9 month Holistic Management Ranch internship at the B-C Ranch in Meadow Lake, SK where he is learning Holistic Management Principles as they apply to 3 areas: Human Relations, Finance, and the Land.   He left here on March 25th and has spent the last two months living the dream!  He saddles up nearly every morning to assist in moving various herds to fresh pasture, has a reading list as long as his arm, and is soaking up the wisdom of generations of holistic managers. So far he's been enjoying every minute of it!  Rick and I took a Holistic Management Course from Don & Bev Campbell of the B-C Ranch 3 years ago when they came out to our neck of the woods.  They are absolute icons of the Canadian HM scene and we feel very blessed to have learned from such wonderful, humble people who have such a wealth of knowledge!  We got 6 days of intense education, Grady gets to marinate in it for 9 months - I’m a little jealous!  Especially when he sends me pictures like this …

... I think he’s wrecked for a cubicle job for life! lol

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