What does it mean to "Eat With Confidence"?

written by

Joy Stephens

posted on

May 31, 2020

Hello from the green, green pastures of 6S Family Farm!

Spring has arrived!

Green, green and more green!  What a glorious colour!  At 6S spring is here in full force now and it couldn't be more beautiful!  As May dawned we waited in anticipation for the catkins to come out on the Poplar and Aspen trees.  It's one of creation's signals to us to begin counting our grazing days and one of the ways that we let nature take the lead in determining our seasons.  Then as the catkins unfurl into full leaves we watched the flush of soft spring green growth creep through the treetops and up the hillsides until where there were once stark trunks of Poplar and Aspen they are once again arrayed in full spring regalia. An absolute feast for the eyes!  I am convinced that there is beauty in every place on this planet but this corner that we are blessed to reside in is mesmerizing in it's ever changing glory!

What do we mean by: Eat With Confidence!

You may have noticed that on most of our packaging we have "Eat With Confidence" written on our labels.  If you're wondering what we mean by that then read on! :)

Have you ever stood in the aisles of the grocery store contemplating unpronounceable items on ingredient lists?  Or the validity of marketing claims?   Or the animal health and welfare behind the fancy packaging?  Or the carbon footprint required to get that item across the world and into your shopping cart?  It's often confusing at best!  To be a responsible shopper in this day and age nearly requires a degree in chemistry!

Well we're here to take the mental gymnastics out of your shopping experience!

This is what you can know without a doubt when you purchase from 6S Family Farm: 

All of our pastured meats are:

1. Ethically raised on pasture.
Our animals spend their whole lives out on the land exactly where they are suited to be!  They're cared for with kindness and low stress animal handling techniques and most importantly allowed to give full expression to their nature.  Nothing is so satisfying for us as farmers as to see our animals fully content in their element!

2. Raised using Regenerative Agriculture Practices.At 6S we have no plans to be sustainable.  What?  Oooh got your attention there!  It is our goal to go far beyond just sustainable and instead be actively regenerating the landscapes that we are blessed to steward in ways that will leave them healthier, more productive and more beautiful than before.   We aren’t satisfied with the status quo, we want to continually be seeing improvement in the vitality of our land and subsequently the vitality of our animals

3. No added Hormones, Antibiotics, Insecticides or GMO's.Don't want all that crap in your bodies?  Neither do we!  At 6S we spend a great deal of time and energy daily moving our herds onto fresh clean pastures.  By doing this we keep our animals growing steadily and prevent sickness which means we don’t need all that junk.  Animals inherently know what they need for optimum health, we as stewards are just seeking to provide the right conditions for them.

And if that's not enough then here are some other great reasons to shop 6S:

4. Supporting Local Business. Shopping local means that your dollars are going right back into our region and please know that we at 6S seek every opportunity to cycle those dollars back into the local economy as well by sourcing our needs from as close as we possibly can.  Did you know that the more times a dollar turns over in a community, the wealthier their residents become?!

5. Reducing Your Carbon Footprint. Our globe is currently taking a breather from many destructive human activities.  What a beautiful thing to hear stats like “world pollution has gone down 50% during the last couple of months”.  What if we as  humans continued to make decisions that would positively impact the health of our globe for generations?  Reduce your fossil fuel use and shop locally! At 6S we concentrate on keeping our grass growing and sequestering carbon through the plants, via photosynthesis, to put that carbon back in the soil where it belongs.  This makes for healthier soils that hold more water and cleans the atmosphere at the same time.

6.  Unbeatable Quality.Having a short supply chain means much we have much greater control over our products from start to finish.  Did you know that the average hamburger has pieces of 600 individual animals in it?   Let that sink in for a minute.  Ugh.  Do you ever wonder why those massive e-coli recalls all come from huge processing plants? We know our animals from birth right to harvest and processing.  We are involved in every aspect of the production cycle and as such we have our fingers on the pulse of what happens with every product that we package for YOU! 

Not all meat is created equal.  The way you choose to spend your dollars is literally your vote for the food system and the world you'd like your grandkids to live in and eat from!  

Thanks for being the best customers in the world!


Know your farmers, know your food!

Here are some more photos from around the farm this month.  Hope you enjoy!  Just too beautiful not to share!

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