Thank YOU!

written by

Joy Stephens

posted on

November 5, 2020

So you may have noticed that the shelves of the 6S Family Farm Online Store have been a little bare as of late. We just wanted to say 'thank you for your patience' as we work hard to scale up to meet the growing demand for ethically raised, local, nutritious, delicious food!

As I write this, we have numerous animals harvested and awaiting processing by our butcher. He and his team are incredibly busy right now and we're trying to be patient as he catches up on his backlog of work. We are taking delivery of new inventory each week and will be posting it on the website as it comes in so be sure to check back regularly for any items that you're looking for.

Also, we are excitedly planning for the future! We currently have 100 piglets on the ground that will be ready for harvest in spring/summer of 2021 and we anticipate another 200 running around next year this time! Not to mention the growth we're planning for our cow herd, lambs, broiler chickens, turkeys and laying hens etc.

All of this to say that it takes a significant investment of time, money and planning, (some of which includes collaboration - eg. the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker - so to speak) to make it all come together.

So thank you for your patience while we get through some of these challenges and growing pains! We love serving you and we're working hard to be sure that we'll be able to do that well now and into the future. We also love being your farmers and growing the absolute best products available for you! We're so blessed to be part of growing better food, better communities and a better world and especially to do it alongside such insightful and forward thinking people as YOU!

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