Wild Western Delivery Run

November 24, 2020

Our monthly delivery run out to Prince Rupert, Terrace & Kitimat proved to be a little more challenging than usual this month. While all the snow sure looks beautiful it definitely made travelling more difficult. The dump of snow created compact snow and slippery sections on the highway. Combined with a seriously persistent wind whipping around us we faced near white out blizzard conditions for a good stretch of the way home. It meant we took an impromptu overnighter in Terrace and completed our deliveries in Kitimat the following day. 

At home we'd received almost 2 feet of snow and our long journey came to an abrupt halt in our driveway where the truck and trailer promptly became stuck and refused to move even a foot further.   Laying in bed that night it took a while for my jaw to unclench and my fingers to relax their death grip after removing my hands from the 'oh sh*t' handle! :) lol

We were so thankful to arrive back home safely and know that our fantastic kids were doing a great job of holding things together while we were away, but what really blew us away was how wonderful everyone was! We received so many emails and comments wishing us safe travels and concern for our welfare. Not a single person complained about the delays or schedule adjustments and in fact were so generous with their time and concern for us that we were reminded that we really do have the


Thank you all so very very much!

Joy Stephens

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