Why Regenerative Agriculture?

There are most certainly days when I wonder if we're crazy for doing what we do but I never have to wonder if we're doing something that is worthy of our time and efforts. Regenerative agriculture is the answer to so many of the problems that our world is facing today ...

Spring Babies Everywhere ...

At 6S we try to mimic the wisdom we see in nature and the natural systems all around us. For example: The deer fawn in June so we also time our calving season for June. There are several reasons why:‚Äč

Graduation in the midst of COVID ...

So it's been a strange spring in so many ways and this year's graduation ceremonies definitely reflected that in the many restrictions that schools had to follow during their celebrations but we're happy to say that Sophie has officially graduated High School!

Hey there from Grady who's out in the wide open spaces of Saskatchewan

Some of you know that our oldest son Grady took a sabbatical from his Carpentry Apprenticeship to spread his wings a little in a whole new way. He was chosen for a 9 month Holistic Management Ranch internship at the B-C Ranch in Meadow Lake, SK where he is learning Holistic Management Principles as they apply to 3 areas: Human Relations, Finance, and the Land. He left here on March 25th and has spent the last two months living the dream! He saddles up nearly every morning to assist in moving various herds to fresh pasture, has a reading list as long as his arm, and is soaking up the wisdom of generations of holistic managers. So far he's been enjoying every minute of it!

What does it mean to "Eat With Confidence"?

Have you ever stood in the aisles of the grocery store contemplating unpronounceable items on ingredient lists? Or the validity of marketing claims? Or the animal health and welfare behind the fancy packaging? Or the carbon footprint required to get that item across the world and into your shopping cart? Let us help take the mental gymnastics out of your shopping experience.