Well The Weather Outside's Been Frightful

I was once told "you know you're a farm kid when: the weather report comes on and your whole family goes silent". It's absolutely true, farmers always have their eyes to the skies. This was impressed upon me at a very tender age. I can remember a drought year on the prairie as a kid when we prayed daily for rain, and the day it finally came my Dad stripped down to his ginch and jumped around on the trampoline in pure happiness ...not a word of a lie, and not easily forgotten! (scarred for life! lol)

Christmas on the Farm

This month I celebrated a birthday ... my 29th. Okaaaaay maybe not my 29th, maybe not even my 39th, but let's not go there ... age is only a number right?!?! It was a wonderfully ordinary day full of the wonderfully ordinary activities that make up my life.