Creekside Floral Collective

We couldn't be more excited to share with you these beautiful wreaths that the oh-so-creative duo at Creekside Floral Collective have designed for the season!!! Anna & Lindsay capture the natural and simple beauty of our region with these wreaths.  Something that celebrates the out of the way places that make the North so incredibly beautiful and unique.  Something that hearkens back to simpler days when people took the uncomplicated elements of nature all around them and created things of quiet beauty.   Crafted out of evergreen trees that survive the harshness of winter, the wreath has long been a traditional symbol of power, resilience and hope.  May these wreaths grace your home and greet those with whom you share this season with both beauty and hope as we close the door on one year and open the door to the next. Click Here to Meet the girls of Creekside Floral

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