The Willow

The Willow

12" Handmade Willow wreath base adorned with fresh Cedar, Pine, Spruce, Eucalyptus and Rosemary and Accented with Lavender and Wheat, and a satin ribbon.

Want something a little out of the ordinary? Then this gorgeous 12" Handmade Willow Wreath is sure to fit the bill. From the sturdy willow that grows prolifically in our area Ann & Lindsay have hand crafted an extraordinarily simple and stunning wreath. This willow base is adorned with fresh Cedar, Pine, Spruce, Eucalyptus and Rosemary and accented with Lavender and Wheat, and a satin ribbon. Entirely grown by Creekside Floral. 

This wreath is a special limited edition.

Where should I hang my wreath?

Our fresh wreaths do best when left outside in the winter temperatures. The greens will stay fresh for many months, with the best longevity when it is stored out of direct sunlight and away from warmer drafts. If the wreaths get a bit of snow or mist, even better! This helps keep them hydrated and vibrant throughout the season. Hanging fresh wreaths inside can be a bit more tricky as the greens will dry out much faster. If you do store your fresh wreath inside it should be misted at least once a day (twice is better!) to stay hydrated and keep out of the sun and any drafts that will dry it out quicker. If you want to enjoy your wreath for a special event, you can always store it outside and bring it inside as needed to keep it fresher longer.

How long will my wreath last?

Last year we hung one of our wreaths on the outside wall of the studio and it looked fantastic well into April when we finally decided to take it down. If you keep your wreath out of direct sunlight, and outside it should last well past the holiday season.