Whole Pork Deposit

Whole Pork Deposit

$5.00/lb hanging weight plus $1.20/lb processing. Final cost ranges from $1400-1600.
Pasture Raised!
Nutrient Dense!


Taste the flavours of the Valley!  6S Pasture Raised Pigs are raised from birth to harvest on lush pastures and forested glens.  As a result of their quality of life here, as well as their varied diet, their flavour is a-mazing!!!  You haven't truly tasted pork until you've tasted 6S Pork.  You will taste the difference in every. single. bite.  No hormones, no antibiotics, GMO-free.

The 6S Custom Cut Whole Pork includes an average of 170-230lbs of pork cut to your specifications.   A Pork Cutting Sheet is provided below to show your cut options.


A $600 upfront deposit is required at the time of your order to reserve your Whole Pork and the remaining amount will be due at the time of delivery.  Final billing will be based on $5.00/lb for the hanging weight plus $1.20/lb cutting & wrapping charges, plus curing & sausage making costs minus your deposit.  The total cost typically ranges from $1400 to $1600 .

Processing & Delivery Dates:

We will notify you once your pork has gone in for harvest and will arrange delivery at that time.

What cuts are available?

Below is a copy of our Pork Cutting Instructions sheet showing your options.  We are happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions!


How much freezer space will I need?

Great question!  Check out the handy chart below.  ***Please note that all these numbers are estimates based on averages.  Each hog is different and will weigh up differently and all individuals & families vary in their consumption.


Have more questions?

Check out our complete Bulk Pork FAQ page by clicking this link: https://6sfamilyfarm.grazecart.com/bulk-pork-faq-s