Wild Spot Prawn Tails

Wild Spot Prawn Tails

1 lb tub Currently SOLD OUT for the season.

Oceanwise recommended Large Wild Spot Prawn Tails (head off) frozen in seawater. 

All wild caught, fresh, local, sustainable, Oceanwise seafood caught by local Prince Rupert fishermen and processed by Aero Trading Company in Prince Rupert. Not to be confused with farmed prawns or shrimp, these bad boys are the creme de la creme. 

The wild B.C. spot prawn is the largest of all seven commercial species of shrimp found in the Pacific Northwest. They are reddish-brown, turning bright pink when cooked, with defining white spots on their tails. When properly handled and cooked, they are firm in texture, with a luscious, sweet flavour.

Best when steamed then submerged in ice water to retain their integrity and flavour. Due diligence is required as cooked improperly they can become mushy.

Click here to meet some of our local fishermen.

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