Regenerative Farming Practices

Going beyond the limits of sustainable farming, 6S Family Farm practices Regenerative Farming in an effort to jumpstart the biological cycle to result in healthier soils, plants, and animals, which ultimately results in a healthier YOU!

1 Whole Pork Bundle

Bacon, ham, roasts, chops and sausage galore!

1/2 Beef Bundle

Now taking pre-orders for fall delivery. Email us at for more info.

1/2 Pork Bundle

Big Bundle Savings!

1/4 Beef Bundle

Now taking pre-orders for fall delivery.

1/4 Pork Bundle

Bundle Savings!

10 pk 1.5lb Ground Beef

10 - 1.5lb packages of Ground Beef

5 pk Ground Beef

5 - 1lb packages

5 pk New York Steaks

5 New York Steaks

5 pk of 1.5lb Ground Beef

5 - 1.5lb packages

5 pk Premium Ground Beef

5 - 1lb packages of Premium Ground Beef

5 pk Stew Beef

5 - 1lb packages

6S Signature Patty Bundle

24 of our 6oz Signature Burger Patties

6S Signature Sausage Bundle

Sample seven of our delicious sausages in one great bundle!

A Dozen Farm Run Fresh Eggs

If you haven't tasted pastured eggs then you haven't really tasted eggs!

Bacon - Sliced

1lb pkg What is there to say except .. daaaamn! 🤤

Beef Brisket - Whole

A smokehouse classic that gets you thinking about southern barbecue. Choose whole or 1/2 from options at right.

Beef Broth Bones

Approx. 4lbs of bones/pkg

Beef Cross Cut Shanks (Osso Buco)

The perfect stew in one little package.

Beef Kebabs

1 lb pkg

Beef Oxtail

The incredibly rich flavour of oxtail stew makes it a favourite here with our family.

Beef Petite Tender

1/pkg An incredibly tender, succulent and delicious little morsel!

Beef Short Ribs

A few hours of cooking with red wine will leave the tender meat falling off the bone.