Ready to Go Pork Bundles

THESE PORK BUNDLES ARE READY TO GO IN YOUR FREEZER RIGHT NOW! 6S Pastured Pigs are raised from birth to harvest on lush pastures and forested glens. As a result of their quality of life here, as well as their varied diet, their flavour is a-mazing!!! You haven't truly tasted pork until you've tasted 6S Pork. You will taste the difference in every. single. bite. No hormones, no antibiotics. GMO-Free. BIGGER volumes mean better pricing!

1/4 Pork - Standard Cut - Ready to Go

A great bulk bundle chock full of all of our customer favourite pork cuts!

1/4 Pork PLUS - Standard Cut - Ready to Go

The same great options as our 1/4 Pork Bundle PLUS a few extras!

1/2 Pork - Standard Cut - Ready to Go

$5.50/lb hanging weight plus $1.20/lb processing. Final cost ranges from $700-900.