Staple Bundles

Shop for all the meat you'll need for the month and get great bundle savings!

1 Whole Pork Bundle

Bacon, ham, roasts, chops and sausage galore!

1/2 Pork Bundle

Big Bundle Savings!

1/4 Pork Bundle

Bundle Savings!

6S Better Beef Bundle

Can't get enough 6S grass-fed beef? We have you covered! You'll get to enjoy a little bit of everything with this great bundle. Steaks, roasts, burgers, ground beef & sausages!

6S Signature Patty Bundle

24 of our 6oz Signature Burger Patties

6S Signature Sausage Bundle

Sample seven of our delicious sausages in one great bundle!

Lamb Sampler Bundle

40 - 4oz Equivalent Servings

Spicy Sausage Bundle

3 spicy sausages to get your taste buds dancing!

The Pitmaster

We've thrown down the gauntlet ... will you be the ultimate pit master?

Weekend Warrior Pack

You don't want them coming back every 10 minutes cause they're still hungry ... fill up with the good stuff and let 'em ride / swim / hike / paddle / raft / fish .... till the sun goes down!

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