• Breza Farm

    Breza Farm

    Breza Farm is owned and operated by Daniel and Neda Sessford who moved to the Bulkley Valley in 2013 and started to farm in 2016 with a small strawberry patch and 6 chickens. Over the years they have cleared land and expanded their operation. They currently grow berries - strawberries, haskaps, raspberries, and are expanding into blueberries. They also grow garlic, onions, carrots and potatoes. Although not organic certified, Daniel & Neda believe in growing food as naturally as possible. They do not use any herbicides or pesticides on their farm. They also believe strongly in supporting local business as much as possible. 

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  • Bulkley Valley Hive & Honey

    Bulkley Valley Hive & Honey

    Breeann & Trevor Doerksen and their family live on a 160 acre family farm in rural Bulkley Valley. They are committed to raising their family in the valley and living a traditional rural lifestyle.

    The Doerksens first acquired bees in 2017 and have been expanding their apiary every year since. Their bees forage on the lush natural flora of the Bulkley Valley and the Doerksen family works hard to provide quality honey and hive products to their customers.

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  • Creekside Floral Collective

    Creekside Floral Collective

    Creekside Floral Collective is a joint venture between two friends: Lindsay Heer & Anna Gauthier. They are moms, farmers, AGvocates, makers, growers and all around Wild Women of Woodmere. They are an extro/introverted duo that decided community over competition and joined forces to offer premium blooms and designs to market. They both operate their own farms: Anna @ Wild Creek Farm and Lindsay @ Robin Creek Dairy & Farm. Anna & Lindsay work with Bulkley Valley grown flowers and foliage. Lindsay is a trained Floral Designer and farms an extensive Peony field, while Anna grows a wide variety of specialty cut flowers. Together our style is lush and wild, letting the natural beauty of each flower shine. 

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  • Frozen Paddle Ice Cream

    Frozen Paddle Ice Cream

    Frozen Paddle is a craft ice creamery in Prince George. Kevin & Wes Pederson create unique flavours of quality craft ice cream using local ingredients where possible and share them with their community!

    Inspired by the history of the paddle steamers that went up and down the Fraser River and the "churn paddle" that is used to make ice cream, the name Frozen Paddle is a play on words that keeps things fun like ice cream is supposed to be and also captures the sense of community that Frozen Paddle is about!

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  • Local Prince Rupert Fishermen

    Local Prince Rupert Fishermen

    The Sea Harvest is a great example of one of the many boats in the Northern BC fleet. Captain Paul Edwards is a seasoned, third generation fisherman who's been working the waters off the BC Coast for 46 years.  He and his crew on the Sea Harvest fish for dungeness crab in the Hecate Strait as well as longline for halibut, sablefish and lingcod off the West Coast of Haida Gwaii. Lingcod caught by longline, as well as side stripe shrimp and wild spot prawns are all Oceanwise recommended.  All of the seafood on offer is processed right in Prince Rupert at the Aero Trading Co.

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  • Price Creek Farm

    Price Creek Farm

    Price Creek Farm owners Waldemar and Olga Hocha are immigrants to Canada who embrace and are instilling in their young family the will and skills to live a healthy, natural lifestyle. From a very young age all of their children are taught the importance of good food for a strong body and mind. The family works collaboratively to be self-sustaining and to share the benefits of this natural and healthy lifestyle with those they meet and share community with. Through the produce of their farm, their labours and their knowledge of wild plants they pass a heritage of the value of good food to those around them.

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