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Providing your family with exceptional Grass-fed Beef, Pastured Pork, Grass-fed Lamb, Pastured Poultry & Eggs all Regeneratively Grown in the Beautiful Bulkley Valley

A Personal Welcome from the Stephens Family

We believe 6S-full regenerative agriculture is built on relationships. Relationships with the land, relationships with the animals and relationships with the people who are fed by them! If you believe in good food and good farming then you've found the right place! We value and appreciate every single family who purchases from our farm and becomes a partner in this cause.
Your Farmers,
Rick and Joy Stephens & The Herd

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It is through the support of our Farm Fans ..

that regenerative farms like 6S can restore balance to degraded farmland, build topsoil and feed our communities well into the future.

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6S Family Farm is trusted by hundreds of families throughout the north as their source for Local, Ethical, Delicious Meat!

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- Regenerative Farming Practices

- Hormone, Antibiotic & GMO Free Meats

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